Monday, October 23, 2006

My E-mail Address

Need to contact me? E-mail me at! I think there's a better way of putting this on my site, but I'm not the most experienced blogger in the world, and I don't have time right now to dig for the information. Leave a comment if you've got a better way! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

There is some way you can put your e-mail in your side-bar so that when folks click on it, it pops them straight into their e-mail writing program with your address already entered....but I have NO idea how to do that! If someone tells you, pass it on to me, too!

(Meanwhile if you are using beta blogger rather than the plain blogger, you can choose "Add an element" under your "customize" option...choose "add text" and you can write it permanently into your side-bar that way. It won't be an active link, but, at least it will be there, always visible in your side-bar rather than disappearing into anonyminity (spelled that wrong!)post by post into your archives.

PS (I hope your adoption process proceeds QUICKLY! We have an eleven year old from China, an eight year old from Taiwan, and a four year old from China. I wish we were waiting for another little girl, too...oh well...we are too old and tired, I suppose to keep up with more than three children!)

Mommy of Boys said...

Yay Ashley!

I can't comment on your other blog, but I wanted to give you my congratulations and a big WOO HOO!

GOD is so good!

We love you guys,
The Carpenters